Snow Report & Forecast App Reviews

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Web Designer response is excellent

I had a minor problem and contacted the web developer Will Ellis and he responded and fixed the problem in two hours. Excellent app I use it for working and pleasure.

Couldn’t be LESS accurate...

Predicted 1.8” then we got 5”. Now after it’s all fallen the app updates itself to say expect 4.9”. TOO LATE! Worst snow app on iTunes. I’d recommend the one that works, but those a-holes are having problems now. It won’t fetch the weather info! So my recommendation is open your window and buy a ruler.

Scam - removed snow from old app

Why did you remove the snow forecast from your other NOAA Snow app, forcing us to pay for a new app that has the same information the old one did? Why not just update the old app like every other developer / company does? Oh I know why... $$$$.

Snow totals

I thought that this would show snow totals. Instead it shows forecast. I get more from the weather channel App

Nothing special

The app has nothing special or unique that more established apps don't already have. Plus the interface is confusing and difficult to navigate. Try others.

Great app for ski lovers

It is a great app. I love the idea of putting together what really snowed in the past days and the forecast for the next days. This is something that no other app does. My suggestions for future updates would be: - Metric units support - The ability to go directly to my favorite location snow forecast. There is a lot of time wasted waiting for the locations to appear and then waiting for the forecast to update.

Not even close

I’ve been using SnowForcaster for a number of years. Unfortunately the app stopped fetching data. So I found this poorly designed app. First, data for forecasting isn’t even close. We are expected to receive 1-2” of snow. The app says 12-15”. What? Second, no way to access my saved locations unless I add them to favorites again. Third, you took a name of a quality, reliable app and failed.


Seems okay but it would have been nice to know there was no weather stations close to my areas to provide any actual value.

Not useful

Only predicts past snowfall. Just like the other apps by this developer. Very misleading to make a quick buck.

Can you not get snowfalls stats for your EXACT location?

I added my current location and when I click on that screen, it tells me what the weather forecast is going to be. Not what it was. On the weather station page, you have to choose your closest station and it does not give you information on snowfall in my location but in theirs. Although it is about 10 miles away, they received less snow than I did. Wouldn’t have paid for this app if I didn’t know I couldn’t get my exact location.

A Great Snow Weather APP

A Great Snow Weather APP! The BEST just thankfully keeps on getting better! Bravo!!


If you are hoping to see a forecast by hour for snow accumulation this app does not provide that. Provides usual text and graphs only track past snowfall- not predicted.

Severely obtuse

I consider myself a weather nerd but this app is extremely slow and very complicated. For some reason you have add a weather station to your favorites before you can see forecasts and other info. Very hard to get a broader forecast and storm totals for a region (large or small).

Bad GUI Design

App always starts on a map screen instead of showing you the information you downloaded this app for to begin with, to see how much snow is going to fall where you live. No information is pushed to your device to alert you to an incoming heavy snowfall. Getting around the app is just confusing and not thought out. No care taken to minimize the clicks needed to take you to the information you’re looking for.

Great app, great developer!

I’ve been using this app for about a month now. It works great, looks great, and has become an invaluable tool. The developer is also very responsive to feedback, and continues to make the app better and better. Great job!

Add a search bar

Add a search bar pinching and zooming is no fun

Very Good App And Great Support

2nd edit - Changed from 2 to 4 stars Developer quickly provided comprehensive information re my problem and question. The app is 4 stars (not perfect) but support is definitely 5 stars. Changed rating from one to two stars. Since my last comment, the developer did fix the problem. Nevertheless, I don't know at this time if the fix is permanent or whether the problem will reoccur. Does not work at all. After repeated tries, over many hours, I get no information.

Overall useful app

I found the app very useful in determining when snow is going to fall and the total accumulation using side by side graphs. I only found it a little confusing trying to find when it was snowing vs raining, but it shouldn't be much of a problem as the temperatures start being consistently lower.

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